The case for a bullish 2017

The case for a bullish 2017

Platt’s put out a good infographic on the potential bull market for 2017.  Factors that could change these predictions:

  1. Donald Trump coming into office – Trump is very pro oil & gas, which could lead to more supply coming into the market
  2. LNG – Exporting LNG will increase in 2017, but how much it will increase will ultimately be determined by the global market.
  3. Weather -It’s the variable that nobody can predict with 100% predictability.  If we have a warmer than normal winter then natural gas storage withdrawals will potentially have supply coming into Spring.  Which could put downward pressure on pricing.

The link to the Platt’s infographic:    infographic__the_case_for_a_bullish_us_gas_market_in_2017


We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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