Utility Bill Pay (UBP)

Paying utility bills on time can be challenging, especially for companies with many locations. Factor in the typical 7-10 day payment terms offered by most utilities and it becomes next to impossible. With Utility Bill Pay, OEM downloads the invoices from the utility and sends them to the customer’s AP department for approval. 

The customer approves and releases the funds to OEM, who pays the invoices for the customer via one of the leading banks in the US. By streamlining this process, payments are made on time, and the customer avoids having to pay additional late fees or penalties to the utility.  When combined with our Utility Bill Management solution, customers can rest assured their invoices are accurate and paid on time. 


  • Saves time by streamlining cumbersome internal approval processes
  • Saves money by ensuring bills are paid on time 
  • Partnering with a leading US bank provides reassurance and peace of mind