Utility Bill Management and Reporting

Utility Bill Management & Reporting

A Strong Energy Program Starts with Accurate Utility Data

Energy invoices can be challenging to understand, which is why so many companies simply pay them without reviewing them for accuracy. Yet, without a thorough review from an energy professional, you run the risk of overpayment. OEM mitigates this risk by inputting the data into a cloud-based software solution, auditing each invoice for accuracy and working with the supplier or utility on your behalf to remedy any errors. We do this every month, for every invoice, saving you time and money.

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips – Anywhere

We know that identifying usage issues when they occur enables companies to take immediate action and save time and money. But with more employees working from home, how do you get timely access? Now your company can add real-time, remote usage monitoring. That way, you can receive text or email alerts and access and diagnose and resolve usage errors or outages from anywhere.

Reporting: Turning Data into Useful Information

Many multi-site businesses struggle with collecting and maintaining energy data in a usable format, which is why OEM uses a secure cloud-based software solution to store customer data. OEM enters the data from your utility invoices into the system and gives you access to the data at the site, account, group or business unit level, allowing your company to choose from hundreds of reports and analytical formats to use in making decisions for your business. Need to track greenhouse gas emissions or EnergyStar data? It’s all at your fingertips.

A diagram of our New Client Implementation and UBM Cycle