Utility Bill Management and Reporting

Utility Bill Management & Reporting

Energy invoices can be complex!

Invoice Review

These complexities are the reason many businesses pay their bills every month without reviewing (auditing) them for errors.  The intricacy of these invoices without a professional review, leads to the risk of overpayment. To mitigate these risks, OEM provides utility bill management services.  OEM receives the invoices and audits each invoice for accuracy. If an error has occurred, OEM takes immediate action with the supplier/utility to remedy the error.

Ensuring your invoices are correct, takes a well-made plan.

A diagram of our New Client Implementation and UBM Cycle


Utility data is the key to developing an energy strategy!

Most businesses with multiple sites find collecting & maintaining energy data to be costly & exhaustive. To hire an employee just to input utility data into a spreadsheet, and do it correctly, can be costly and hard to find.  To solve this challenge, OEM uses a “cloud” based software solution.  OEM inputs the invoices for you and gives you access to the data at the site, account, group or business level. Giving you options to run hundreds of reports and building analytics data.

Green House Gas Reporting

OEM’s reporting software converts your energy data into CO2 emissions equivalent. Providing benchmarking, analytical and reporting tools for Scope 1 (Direct), Scope 2 (Indirect) emissions.