Energy Procurement and Risk Management

Energy Procurement & Risk Management

Keeping pulse on the market is critical.

In deregulated markets customers need to consider three fundamental questions – When to purchase (timing), How far out to purchase (duration) and How much to purchase (Exposure).  Not having a plan can cost you money. To help solve these challenges, OEM provides Energy Procurement & Risk Management services.  As part of this service, OEM creates an energy risk management plan based on your risk tolerance and objectives.  As needed, OEM will go out for RFP on your behalf, to bring multiple suppliers to the table to obtain the best pricing the market can provide. With your approval, we will help you secure pricing based on your parameters.  As OEM monitors the markets we will notify you when prices reach your price triggers and execute upon your approval.

Green Energy

OEM can connect your organization to the right supplier to deliver you “green energy”.  Whether it’s “green” sourcing or Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) we can help you find the best fit to meet your sustainability and environmental goals.

Energy Markets