Specialty Services

 Specialty Services 

Asset Management

For larger energy users, it can make sense to invest in building a direct connect (pipeline) from a major transportation pipeline directly to your facility. Not only can we help determine if this makes sense for your organization, through a by-pass study, but we can also help you manage your natural gas assets.

    Managing your natural gas assets requires:

  • Capacity (Negotiating & Management)
  • Trading (long-term & Short-term)
  • Nominations & Balancing (Securing supply flows)
  • Billing & Settlement (Reconciliation)
  • Regulatory Assistance (Keeping a pulse on FERC & State laws)

After-Hours Nominations & Balancing

An “energy day” is 24 hours and can require after-hours and weekend attention.  Making your employees stay “on call” 24 hours/ 7 days a week, often creates fatigue and stress for your employees. OEM provides an after-hour & weekend nominations & balancing service, that allows your pipelines to be managed and gives your employees a break.  This service is provided for U.S. & Canadian natural gas pipelines.